A Summer School Like No Other

Cambridge Programmes offers a diverse range of best-in-class academic experiences to help foster a passion for learning for aspirational students looking towards university and beyond.

BREAKING NEWS: Cambridge Programmes is accepting applications for our summer school from 11th – 24th August 2024.

Specialist Programmes for Exceptional Students

Students at Cambridge Programmes can participate in one of a number of courses created and delivered by experienced senior teaching staff from both the University and the best academic schools in Cambridge. Each programme drives students towards excellence in their chosen field of study, through a series of lectures, activities, trips and workshops. Supported by Mentors throughout their journey, students finish their summer school invigorated by the challenges they have overcome, both individually and with their peers.

We aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply to world-class universities, and to this end, we also complement all of our programmes with workshops and small classes to practise interview skills and to help students demonstrate their potential in admissions examinations.

See the Programmes in Action

Cambridge Programmes Mentors

Providing pastoral and educational support throughout the programme are a team of high-calibre and enthusiastic students from the University of Cambridge. Participants on the Programmes often develop a strong rapport with their mentor, receiving knowledge and insights about Cambridge that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Enquiries about the Programmes

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact us here.